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The 12th year of "Three Kings' Money Collection" in the Czech Republic will last until 15 January.

The Three Kings Collection organized by Charita Czech Republic is the largest and most trusted charity event in the Czech Republic and one that reflects the true Christmas spirit.

Profits of this national money collection go for the needs of the Charity and it is held in the entire country. The benefits of the "Three Kings' Money Collection" is aimed for the sick, disabled, seniors, mothers with children in need, and other socially deprived groups of people. 

The collecting group is formed of three carollers, usually king-like dressed children. Each group must be lead by an adult who has a Charity-signed and stamped identification card.

The Three Kings’ Collection is the biggest volunteering event in the Czech Republic with thousands of children taking part. Last year, the collection fetched more than 67 million crowns. 

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