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The largest Central European health and wellbeing festival presents fresh trends in the area of healthy lifestyle, latest events in the field of organic and eco, and hot news in the sphere of personal or spiritual growth.

The festival takes place at Výstaviště Holešovice. 

You can find in one spot the best choice of high-quality food and drinks, certified organic produces, fair-trade products as well as eco-friendly goods.

Specialists on personal development will advise you how to improve your performance as well as your well-being. You can learn some interesting techniques for working with your body and consciousness. You will be given easy methods and procedures which can assist you in activating, developing, and utilizing your talents.

With more than 200 speakers, lecturers, teachers, and “practitioners”, you can meet the representatives of conventional, alternative and holistic medicine as well as cosmetics professionals. 

Sections: Bio styl, health, Eco World, Personal development, Alternative

Official website and official event on Facebook

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