The Pirate Party Wants to Legalize Gay Marriages In the Czech Republic

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The Pirate Party of the Czech Republic (Česká pirátská strana), which entered the Parliament this year, intends to raise the issue of legitimizing marriages of the homosexual couples and giving them the right to adopt children.

The leader of the political movement, Ivan Bartoš, is convinced that the Czech Republic should have taken this step a long time ago, since "such a legislative norm must be present in any liberal state". Bartoš believes that homosexual couples should not only have the right to register their partnership, but also register an official marriage so that they have equal rights regarding such issues as the property matters.

The Pirate Party is also in favor of giving the homosexual couples the right to adopt children. Bartoš emphasizes that "there is no evidence that homosexual fathers or mothers have a negative impact on children."

"A homosexual family is much better than an orphanage," concluded Bartoš.

Author: Anna Zhadan


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