The Czech Book of Records Has Grown. Here's The Biggest Czech flag!

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On the occasion of the Czechoslovakian centenary celebration this year, a range of Czech commemorative items will be launched at the tourism trade fair Regiontour in Brno.

The Czech flag will be celebrated as the state symbol by Pelhřimov Agency. And it will not be just any flag - but one with a dimension of 18 meters wide and 12 meters high. Indeed it is a record-breaking accomplishment by the agency.

The record flag was assembled within thirty hours, and composed in a gym. "We had to sew stripes of 150cm wide fabric. Most of the work and time took up a contouring plan, because each strip of each color is slanted due to the blue wedge," said Miroslav Marek, the owner of a company normally engaged in textile printing.

The introduction of the biggest Czech flag is a forerunner of the record, for the celebratory day on 28th October. The day marks a hundred years since the birth of Czechoslovakia. "We want to raise a bit of the tradition in Europe and overseas, that banners are hanging out on a public holiday. It is not just about state institutions, but about companies, different organizations or private individuals," explains Miroslav Marek.

Author: Samia Ahmed


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