The Coldest Christmas For the Past 7 Years

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The pre-Christmas week will bring extremely changeable weather: the sun and the 6-degrees air will be replaced by a strong wind and frosts up to -10. The astronomical winter began on Thursday, December 21, and, according to the forecast of the Czech Hydrometeorological Center, residents of the Czech Republic have to expect the coldest Christmas since 2010.

Snow is expected to in the middle of the week. In the mornings the air temperature will not rise above -6 degrees, and in the daytime it will only go up to-1.

On Saturday, the cold front is expected to come. Snow will predominate in the mountain areas. The night air will be around -3 degrees, and in the daytime it will rise up to 2-4 degrees.

For Christmas there is no snow expected, except for the mountainous areas. On this day, the air temperature will drop below -8 degrees at night, and in the daytime it will not exceed -4.

Author: Anna Zhadan


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