The Best Beer in the Czech Republic Has Just Been Named

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The annual Pivex Gold Cup competition this year recognized Zubr and Litovel, each winning in two categories. The competition was held in Brno for the 26th time. Zubr was also named best brewery in a special award to mark the competition's silver jubilee. 

The Pivex Golden Cup has been organized since 1992. The Zubr brewery is in Přerov in the Olomouc region.

Pivex Golden Cup 2017 (Zlatý pohár Pivex)

Light lagers (Světlé ležáky)

  • Zubr Grand

Light draft

  • Litovel Moravan

Dark beer (Tmavá piva)

  • Velkopopovický kozel černý

Nonalcoholic beer (Nealkoholická piva)

  • Birell

Mixed low alcohol and nonalcoholic beers (Míchaná nízkoalkoholická a nealkoholická piva)

  • Birell pomelo

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