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Who doesn’t like a soft cinnabun in the morning (or any other time of day)? It all started in Scandinavia and was picked up by the chain Cinnabon, which actually even managed to gain popularity in Poland. In recent years, this trend has been continuously and inexorably spreading to our local markets, bakeries and cafés. We located a few hot spots in Prague: where they really know their cinnabuns. Whether you love cinnamon rolls, or are just about to fall under their aromatic spell, keep reading.

Creamy rolls on a tray – The Conductor

The Conductor aka a wizard of cinnabuns make their rolls the way they are never to be found in Prague. The softest, most fragrant and delicious: simply the best of the best. While being open for nearly ten months, The Conductor has succeeded in attracting their “contingency”: the local customers are drawn not only to the trays of buns exhibited in the window, but also quality fast food and soups with a home-made charm. Always friendly, smiley staff and the top notch location just at the Krymska tram stop certainly played a role in The Conductor’s growing popularity. A group of young enthusiasts running the business promotes their slogan “Your sweet food mentor” with creamy and ohso-cheerful cinnabuns on a tray.

Rolls with an exotic vibe – Café Jedna

Apparently, Mamacoffee is good with their buns too. Their Holesovice “sister” surprised us with a seasonal special – pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Perfect for those who don’t need sugar to feel happy and would rather have a somewhat healthier alternative. The offer here is mainly comprised of seasonal meals and ingredients, however coconut cinnabuns that are present in their regular menu could save your day if all else fails.

Crunchy rolls – Supertramp Coffee

If you’ve always been the one who went for the crunchy bits look no further. All desserts here are being prepared literally in front of you – you can see them, you can smell them, how about this for an experience? More than 10 desserts on their regular offer, but we’ve got our eyes only for the legendary cinnamon rolls that have been here since the very opening of Supertramp Coffee (while other yummies have alternated). To us, these cinnabuns have JUST ENOUGH crunch, JUST ENOUGH sweetness, but also happen to be perfectly photogenic. Note that in the warmer seasons they switch cinnamon for raspberry, and you can indulge in forest fruit rolls, which are unseen elsewhere.

Rolls from a Master baker – Pekárna Praktika

The most classical of all cinnabuns in Prague are to be found here. Accompanied by quality coffee, that’s a combo you’ll be dreaming about from now on. Since Praktika is one of the most spoken of bakeries in Prague, it’s no wonder they are pretty confident with all their baked goodies. And in a world where presentation is everything – check out their website that excels in all categories (with a picture of cinnabuns just by the opening hours – I won’t even dare to try a better shot!).

Author: Jana Krivenkaja


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