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Taxi drivers are planning another protest against Uber and Taxify tomorrow, starting at 10 am at Strahov. The protest is expected to stretch out over several days.

A previous protest against Uber in Prague saw taxi drivers moving at snails pace, effectively blocking traffic along the main route to Prague’s international airport. 

"Prague’s taxi drivers will not win any support by blocking roads in the capital in protest at Uber," says the city’s mayor, Adriana Krnáčová. 

The last protest took place on October 2, 2017, when they tried to block access to Prague Airport.

About 5,000 taxi cars operate in Prague, while some 2,000 drivers work for Uber, 1,100 for the rival Liftago company and an unspecified number for Taxify. However, some drivers work for more operators based on mobile applications and classical taxi services simultaneously.

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