Tables and Chairs to Stay Outside During Winter

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This Spring, the Institute of Planning and Development distributed over 1,200 chairs and 300 tables on the streets of Prague. Despite concerns that they would be stolen, only a few have been lost and the scheme has been a resounding success with the public. In light of this, they have changed the original plan to take them off the streets during the cold months.

Furthermore, in time for the spring, the  Institute of Planning and Development will buy another thousand chairs and 250 tables. "The number of new locations will be around 30, we will let part of the furniture go on to support one-time cultural and social events in the public space," Rosalia Kasparova from the instituted said.

They are currently in 14 places, including Malostranské náměstí, Kampus Dejvice, or Prosek náměstí. In the centre of Prague they are popular with weary tourists and in other neighbourhoods, they encourage community life.  

Author: Jessica Kleyn


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