T-Mobile Offers Unlimited Data Packs This Summer

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Mobile operator T-Mobile Czech Republic has introduced a seasonal mobile internet promotion. Customers are offered unlimited mobile data packages when activating the offer over the service management mobile application My T-Mobile.

The promotion is valid from 20 June to 31 August. Customers will be able to activate new data packages after the expiry of earlier bundles.

All retail subscribers of both postpaid and prepaid voice tariffs including data bundles are able to use the promotion. 

Czech mobile operators belong to the most expensive mobile service providers in the EU. The data for mobile carrier plans were collected in February of last year, as well as the statistics for cellular data plans that following June, with the purpose of comparing the total costs of specific mobile carrier plans in each EU country.

The study included prices for data plans ranging from 256 MB to 20 GB, as well as basic cellular plans with 30 calls, 100 SMS and 100 MB, and the largest plans with 100 calls, 140 SMS and 5 GB. The value analysis of the different cellular carrier plans when calculated in the national currency of each country, showed the vast differences within the range of consumer prices.

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