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Visitors to Prague as well as locals should be warned that stores larger than 200 square meters will close on Easter April 20th and on Easter Monday (April 22).

The law came into effect in 2016 and aims to make the Easter period less about commerce and more about the holiday spirit, allowing people to slow down and spend time with their families.

Pharmacies, gas stations, and stores in airports, hospitals and train stations are not included in the law. Stores under 200 square meters, such as local grocery stores, can also remain open. The law also does not apply during a state of emergency or other declared disaster. 

If you are used to buy your groceries in the large stores such as Tesco, Lidl, Albert etc, you will have to buy them at least one day before a holiday.

Other holidays such as Good Friday, Labor Day on May 1, Saints Cyril and Methodius Day and Jan Hus Day on July 5 and 6, and Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day on Nov. 17 are not included.

As for those, who open their doors in violation of the law? Fines can go up to one million crowns, while repeat offenders risk paying five times that amount. 

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