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I do remember when there was this enormous Stalin statue (by the way, the largest Stalin statue in the world, and also the shortest-lived statue) standing on the place which is now one of the most popular gathering places for skateboarding, dancing and drinking in town and now has a great panoramic view of Prague.

In the place of the statue, there is now a metronome showing you that your life is ticking away… The original statue needed a huge pedestal which now, during the spring and summer months, turns into a hipster bar.

I recommend strolling through Letna starting at the tram station Chotkovy sady, having an ice cream at the “I love icecream” store just next to the tram station, following the path above the Vltava river, taking pictures along the way to Stalin bar, sitting there on the stairs for a little bit, listening to the impromptu concerts or dancing to the music provided by a club of swing dancers or enjoying a beer and the view, contemplating the size of the statue of a mass murderer which is not there any more.

Then you can continue to the beer garden at the other end of Letna park. (And repeat the beer and view part…)

Author: Michal Lebl You can find the original article here

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