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Špejle has a little bit different concept of a tapas bar. It is divided into three bars: cold bar, pastry bar, and hot bar. The hot bar is perhaps the most interesting one as you can talk to the chef and see him preparing your food.

The system is pretty easy and convenient. You get your tapas, after eating it you put the toothpick in the smallholder on your table and when leaving the waiter will just count all toothpicks and multiply it by 29 CZK which is the price for one piece.

What I find really cool is that they change the offer throughout the day, so when you come in the morning you’ll get some breakfast egg tapas and later for lunch and dinner you can expect sliders or even soup.

What’s very special about this tapas bar is that besides the classic tapas they also make tapas based on traditional Czech meals. So you can get schnitzel with potato salad on it, sausages with horseradish or apple strudel.

As for drinks, as a gin tonic lover, I really appreciate their special gin tonic menu. Ask for their Bugsy’s DNA signature gin. You can also go for a beer which is made especially for this spot and is called Špejle (unfortunately still not priced 29 CZK as the tapas).

Secret not secret pro tip: when running late to the last metro, get their ready-made bottled gin tonic: it will give you wings.

Author: Josef Ševčík. You can find the original article here

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