Snowfall Won't Stick Until New Year

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Despite the snowfall this weekend in Prague, it will not stick until the beginning of next year. However, the snow cover will be gradually increasing in the mountains. 

The average temperatures around Christmas will be one degree above freezing. One week later, the average will drop to one degree below freezing. Then, the lowest temperature could be as low as minus 12 degrees at night, according to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ).

The long-term average temperature for the period from December 11 to January 7 this year is minus 0.8 degrees. The coldest year on record is 1996 which saw average temperatures of minus 6.2 degrees. The warmest was in 1987 when the average was 2.7 degrees. So this year's temperatures do not look unusual.  

Author: Jessica Kleyn


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