Protests Against Proposed Cyclist Ban in Pedestrian Zones

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A proposed ban on cyclists in certain pedestrian zones could come into force in March or April next year.

The ban will apply to selected streets between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm. Many Praguers are protesting the proposal; 1300 people have already signed a petition and others staged a bike blockage of Křižovnická Street on Monday night. 

The limitations proposed by the Prague 1 municipality include Karlova, Celetná, Michalská, Železná, parts of Na Příkopě and Staroměstské náměstí. Banning bikes from these areas, which are often crowded with tourists, will make the area friendlier and safer to visitors. 

However, Automat, an organization which advocates to protect and improve cycling conditions in Prague, says that the measures will be detrimental to inhabitants of the city, who are on their way to work or passing through the center by bike. It will also impact locals and tourists who use the bike share initiatives, Ofo and Rekola.

Author: Jessica Kleyn  


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