Prepaying For Transport Tickets Is About to Get Easier

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By the middle of 2018, Prague will have the same prepayment system for public transport as New York. With the new system, prepaid tickets will be uploaded to any bank card suitable for use in the Czech Republic. There will be no need to validate your prepaid ticket in a machine before use.

There will also be new payment methods available, such as contactless credit card and an app where you can purchase tickets. 

Despite these changes to the prepayment system, Lítačka cards are unlikely to be dropped completely as it has several other uses for citizens. As well as transport tickets, it serves as a library card and offers discounts to museums. 

"Lítačka cards are also going to be able to be used in Prague schools as identity cards. In addition to access to the City Library, it will allow you to access to swimming pools and other facilities in Prague," said the transport company.

Author: Jessica Kleyn


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