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Mucha's Slav Epic Gets New Home00:01

Mucha's Slav Epic Gets New Home

Published 19 June 20180 views

The giant Slav Epic series by Czech Art Nouveau painter Alfons Mucha has finally secured a permanent home after 90 years in temporary depositories, including a hiding place from the Nazis under a pile of coal...

Tolkien Fans Recreate The Hobbit Battle in Czech Forest00:01

Tolkien Fans Recreate The Hobbit Battle in Czech Forest

Published 18 June 20180 views

It started about 20 years ago with just a few dozen fans of the of the JRR Tolkien book The Hobbit meeting in a forest in the Czech Republic and acting out some of the famous battle scenes from the fantasy novel...

Dating in Prague: There’s a New App00:01

Dating in Prague: There’s a New App

Published 14 June 20180 views

Do you have a zest for life and passion for what you do? Do you want to date similarly oriented people? This new dating app developed in Amsterdam might be just what you've been waiting for...