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Eastern Europeans Tired of Being Sold Inferior Products01:00

Eastern Europeans Tired of Being Sold Inferior Products

Zveřejněno dne 17 December 2017237 zobrazení

Why does Nutella in Hungary contain less cocoa than the same chocolate spread in Germany? Why do fish sticks in Prague have less fish? Eastern European are tired of being served inferior products -- and the EU is finally addressing the issue...

New London-Prague Route To Launch01:00

New London-Prague Route To Launch

Zveřejněno dne 16 December 201797 zobrazení

A new flight service between London Southend and Prague will launch in July next year, EasyJet has announced...

Happy 50th Birthday, David Černý!01:00

Happy 50th Birthday, David Černý!

Zveřejněno dne 15 December 201789 zobrazení

David Černý celebrates today his 50’s birthday. Born in Prague December 15, 1967, Černý learned his trade from 1988 to 1996 at the Academy of Applied Arts in the country’s capital...

The Church of Ghosts in Lukova01:09

The Church of Ghosts in Lukova

Zveřejněno dne 14 December 2017157 zobrazení

Artist Jakub Hadrava was commissioned to help raise funds for St George's church in the village of Lukova in the Czech Republic, which had fallen into a state of disrepair in the 1960s.