Prague to Launch Retro Tram in Autumn

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Prague has revealed the price for repairing the retro T2R tram, that Prague Public Transport (DPP) bought from Liberec. It will cost more than ten million crowns.

The tram cars will travel on the historical line 23 during autumn. Trams from Liberec are already in Eko Electric workshops in Ostrava, where they started their repair.

The transport company is supposed to deliver some of the components to them. "It will be mainly repairing electric equipment from our original cars. These components are now starting to be rebuilt in Prague," DPA spokesman Hana Pohanová said.

The first car transport company plans to renovate, as its the 60th year the tram drove off the production line. "The car will have only one headlight at its front," said Prague Transport Operator Ropid.

Author: Lilato Madiri


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