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The most problematic component of pollution of the Prague air is dust particles, which act as carriers of carcinogenic substances in the body. Carbon monoxide, which blocks the transfer of oxygen in the blood, nitrogen oxides increasing the likelihood of respiratory diseases, aldehydes that increase the risk of cancer, and especially in the summer also precursors of ground-level ozone, which is poisonous and causes respiratory complications mainly for children and elderly people.

An unconventional form of environmental protection, the Čistou stopou cooperates with the Lobkowickz Brewery to bring Pražský chodec (Prague Pedestrian) to everyone starting this August. Pražský chodec is the first beer-partnered company to fight air pollution and invites the driver to leave at least one car in the garage, go with colleagues after their job and go home by city transport. 

Competitors are trying to involve the target group as much as possible and reach out to drivers of service cars. In addition, fighting air pollution with a beer company is a purely Czech solution. "We were looking for an unconventional way to attract attention to the issue of air pollution, and Pražský chodec is exactly such an idea," said Lukáš Eršil, project coordinator of Clean Path Prague.

Companies can register on August 15th at Just create a team and motivate colleagues to give them the keys from the service cars, stay together for a while after work and home to the public transport. The ten companies that will create the largest teams will get one free full day of the Pražský chodec for one day. After work, drivers will be able to stay with their colleagues for a while and leave home not by service car but by city transport.

"We like the idea that good beer after work is not just a pleasant moment of rest, but it is also a contribution to air protection and a reduction in the number of cars in Prague. So we got involved very much. Free beer to help with the Prague atmosphere was the least we could do," said Jan Novák, Marketing Director of Lobkowicz Breweries.

The campaign will be seen primarily on CLV surfaces and on social networks. Registration and the competition itself will take place until August 15th. From 20th to 31st August, the Čistou stopou will deliver the Pražský chodec to one of the winning companies every working day.

Author: A.M.

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