Prague to Build Swimming Pool on the Vltava River

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The city will put a new, floating swimming pool in the river.

The new pool will provide a clean way to enjoy the summer heat. The pool will go in some time next year, costing around 70-100 million crowns. The final location has not been determined, but the pool will most likely be placed under Vyšehrad. 

"Spa tourism on the Vltava River had a great tradition in the past, and I want to renew it. Currently, the project is being processed, and in summer 2019 the swimming pool should already be in operation," says Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová.

The building Občanská plovárna, which now has a restaurant and jazz club, used to be one of the places where people could access an enclosed area of the river.

The floating ring would have changing rooms and other facilities and have a capacity of 300 people.

Currently, the city is looking into two different options for the swimming pool, looking towards other European cities for inspiration. One design inspired by pool in Berlin, and the other by one in Copenhagen, where the idea may have originated: a series a popular Harbour Baths that includes four swimming pools opened in the Danish capital about fifteen years ago.

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