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Taxi drivers are planning another protest against shared ride services like Uber and Taxify for next week.

The number of taxi drivers to join the protest is not clear. The protests in recent weeks have been organized by the Association of Taxi Service Concessionaires (AKT) and THE Association of Czech Taxi Drivers (SČT). The government promised them a quick settlement of conditions with alternative shipping services last week.

Taxi drivers consider alternative carriers as unfair competitors because Uber and Taxify drivers do not have cars registered as taxis, do not have taximeters and do not meet the legal requirements. Uber, on the other hand, claims that it is not a taxi service, but that it offers co-location within a shared economy.

A protest by taxi drivers that would have again blocked the streets of Prague last Thursday was canceled after a meeting between their representatives and government members.

The drivers have been pressing city and national authorities to put both types of taxi drivers on the same footing.

Author: Samia Ahmed


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