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The strongest economical region of the European Union in 2016 was London, followed by Luxembourg and south-east Ireland. The entire Czech Republic is ranked at around 88 percent of the EU average.

This is the result of the newly published Eurostat data released on Wednesday. 

With the exception of Prague (182 percent of the EU average), other Czech regions did not reach EU average. Central Bohemia and Southeast reached 80 percent. The second highest region was Jihovýchod (Southeast), which includes the Vysočina and South Moravia regions. It was at 81 percent of the EU average. 

The Severozápad (Northwest) region, including Karlovy Vary and Ústí nad Labem regions, was lowest at just 63 percent of the EU average.

Here are the top ten areas, according to Purchasing Power per capita, a statistic that compares local GDP with current market prices in that region. 

Figures are represented as a percentage of the EU average: 

  • Inner London, UK – 611% 
  • Luxembourg – 257%
  • Southern & Eastern region in Ireland – 217%
  • Bruxelles, Belgium – 207%
  • Hamburg, Germany – 200%
  • Bratislava, Slovakia – 184%
  • Prague, – 182%
  • Oberbayern, Germany – 177%
  • Île-de-France – 175%
  • Stockholm, Sweden – 173%

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