Prague Region Is Sixth Most Developed in Europe

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The Prague region is the sixth most developed in the European Union, based on GDP per capita calculated in purchasing power parity. 

The office released its findings after drawing on per capita Gross Domestic Product figures from 2015.

Ahead of Prague were the Luxembourg, Hamburg, Brussels, Bratislava, and London regions, according to the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ), citing Eurostat research from 2015. Trailing Prague were also Stockholm and Vienna.

“Prague looks very good in terms of its economic performance. It has maintained this position for a long time and is basically at the level of London,” ČSÚ Vice-President Marek Rojíček said in a press release.

The office added that Prague last year had 182 percent of average EU wealth.

The whole of the Czech Republic averaged at 88 percent of the EU level. Central Bohemia was at 80.6 percent, Plzeň at 82.1 percent, Hradec Králové at 78.0 percent, South Moravia at 84.9 percent and Zlín at 76.1 percent of the EU average. The lowest Czech regions were Karlovy Vary at 58.5 percent and Ústí nad Labem at 64.9 percent.

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