People in Prague Pay Homage to Ján Kuciak, Slovak Journalist "Murdered For His Work"

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Czechs have reacted with widespread condemnation to the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak and his girlfriend in Slovakia.

The news that the journalist was most likely murdered for exposing corruption in high office has raised concern for democracy and freedom of the press, sparking a debate on the position of the media here in the Czech Republic.

Jan Kuciak, 27, and his partner Martina Kusnirova were found shot dead in their house in Velka Maca, east of Bratislava, on Sunday evening. Mr Kuciak, a journalist for news website, is said to have been working on a story about possible Italian mafia involvement in fraud linked to European Union subsidies in Slovakia when he was killed.

"What Russians and Italians have been doing… particularly connected with European funds has been under-reported, and Jan had his teeth into one of those stories," said Bratislava-based investigative journalist, Tom Nicholson.

Kuciak’s last story for Aktuality, on Feb. 9, looked at transactions by firms linked to businessman Marian Kocner and connected to a Bratislava luxury apartment complex that became the center of a political scandal last year.

“If it is proven that the death of the investigative reporter was connected with his journalistic work, it would be an unprecedented attack on freedom of speech and democracy in Slovakia,” Prime Minister Robert Fico said.

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