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Prague City Hall is looking for a new cultural events curator for Náplavka. The traditional architectural features are also being renovated and the preliminary ideas look cutting edge. 

Around 2010, Náplavka was transformed from peaceful footpaths with pleasant views into a buzzing alternative social hotspot. Farmers markets, sports events, open boats and cultural activities are among the list of things Náplavka have been host to. In recent years, however, locals feel the space has lost some of its alternative charm as it has become more commercialized, with an influx of beer tents marketed to tourists. 

Now, Prague City Hall are putting money into architectural renovations and looking to employ someone to be an official curator of a cultural program for the area. Prague Mayor, Adriana Krnáčová, described the role of the future curator:

"The curator will have a unique opportunity to participate in shaping and developing cultural life in this attractive location. We also expect that those interested in this position will present their own concepts of the functioning of the Prague gaskets, which will become a long-term unifying framework in the future."

What effect will this have on the rapidly changing landscape of the metropolis? Will the development of the area make Náplavka the most popular spot in Prague? And will it manage to appeal to locals and tourists alike?  

Author: Jessica Kleyn


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