Prague Named Best Place To Live in Czech Republic

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Prague has been named the best region to live in the Czech Republic in a recent study, whilst Central Bohemia was ranked bottom. 

The "Místo pro život" study or Place For Life study conducted annually by data analytic agency, Datank, ranks the quality of life in different regions of the Czech Republic. It takes into consideration many factors: unemployment rates, wages, disposable income, security, ecology, access to health and social care, education, infrastructure and leisure activities. 

Prague has taken top place for the third year in a row, due mainly to rating highly in the economic categories like high wages and low unemployment. A pattern not dissimilar to other European capitals. It scored less well for its crime rates, air pollution and fewer green spaces. 

The South Bohemian region came in at second place, notably climbing two places from the previous year. It was praised for its air purity and copious leisure opportunities. 

Author: Jessica Kleyn


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