Prague Launches Campaign Against Domestic Violence

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The City of Prague, together with the Prague-seated Social Services Centre has launched a campaign against domestic violence that presents seven stories of victims with the aim to show ways for endangered people to solve similar situations, the City Hall told the media on Monday.

The seven stories presented within the campaign include those of a woman whom her husband humiliated and tried to isolate from society and a man whom his wife beat and blackmailed, and threatened to accuse him of violence in case he tried to complain about her with the authorities.

Over 20 percent of women and 7 percent of men have experience with domestic violence. The Prague Intervention Centre started operation on January 1, 2007. About 5,500 people have turned to it in search of help since.

In a total of 1,272 cases, the centre's workers have assisted the police in evicting assailants from their home.

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