Prague Is Looking To Hire 1,000 Filipinos By the End of 2018

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More than 1000 Filipinos workers are now needed in Prague, with a basic knowledge in electronics, information technology, or other related technical jobs.

The demand for more Filipino workers was discussed during the roundtable business forum sponsored by Prague’s Ministry of Industry and Trade.

For the first time, Trade Undersecretary Rowel Barba reported a favorable trade balance between the Philippines and Czech Republic. Upon hiring, workers do not have to pay any placement fee.

The package includes free airfare, accommodation, food, and transportation allowance. More importantly, they are given health insurance coverage.

There are currently 1,005 Filipinos in the Czech Republic. 

On its website, the Czech government said they are allocating also 1,000 for Mongolia, and up to 20,000 for Ukraine which is their main source of agricultural workers.

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