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The Czech Republic now boasts more than 500,000 expat workers. 

Reports by three major Czech Republic ministries have confirmed that the number of migrants living and working in the country is at its highest ever.

Over half a million expatriates, mostly from other European states, are employed in international company head offices and consultancy firms as well as on construction and infrastructure projects. The majority are living and working in Prague, with a majority transferred from their home countries to take up managerial and specialist positions. 

Some 80% of all foreign workers arrive from Eastern European countries including Russia, Romania and Ukraine. Around 7,000 German expats are estimated to be working in Prague, with a further 15,000 British, French, Italian and Spanish professionals taking up managerial positions in the capital and the city of Brno.

Ukrainian workers and expats from Romania and other former Soviet Union states are generally seen as unskilled labour, whilst those from Slovakia and Russia are seen as expat professionals. The former Vietnamese workforce in the republic has now declined from 50,000 to around 30,000, mostly due to changes in the way work visas are allocated to applicants from Asian countries.

An increasing number of expat professionals are being transferred to the Czech Republic to supervise global projects, a move which has increased expat appreciation of the quality of life offered in this less well-known expat outpost. 

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