Prague Castle Restorers Can Help Repair Notre-Dame

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The Prague Castle restorer's workshops are prepared to help Paris repair the fire-damaged Notre-Dame Cathedral, Czech President Milos Zeman wrote to his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron today in a letter that Zeman's spokesman Jiri Ovcacek released to CTK.

At the same time, Zeman expressed regret at the damage of the Paris cathedral that he called an immense loss for the Medieval art as well as the 19th-century arts and crafts.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš also said the Czech Republic was ready to help France repair Notre-Dame, including financially. He said Prague would wait on a French government decision on how to proceed with the renovation and the organization of a collection. 

Notre-Dame, a symbol of Christian splendor that has captured the dreams of poets, princes, and lovers through eight centuries of French history, was engulfed by flames which destroyed its roof and spire.

The project will demand a great deal of effort and money, a resource Notre Dame has recently lacked for restorations, even as its facade has slowly deteriorated. But now, with a new sense of urgency to save the cathedral, benefactors including some of France’s richest families and largest corporations are promising financial help to rebuild Paris’s beloved gothic masterpiece.

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