[:en]Martin Kotas, 42, who owns the “Kavárna Mlýnská” in Malá Strana, was attacked by drunken tourists after he caught the trio urinating next to the Rotunda of the Finding of the Holy Cross.

“I met some drunken English guys peeing…and that is not acceptable. Especially when they are on a visit. The next thing I remember is an ambulance. I will discuss it with the police if there is some chance to find them”, said Mr. Kotas.

He claims the three Brits pushed him over and knocked his head against a curb after asking them to stop.

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Martin Kotas (42), který vlastní “Kavárna Mlýnská” na Malé Straně, byl napaden triem opilých turistů poté, co je potkal, jak močí na Rotundu sv. Martina.

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Kotas tvrdí, že jej tři Britové srazili hlavou na obrubník, když je napomenul, aby přestali.

(Česká verze: Michal Ožuch)


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