Prague Airport Hits Record 15 Million Passengers in 2017

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Václav Havel Airport has reported a record number of 15 million passengers serviced this year. Last year the airport handled 13 million passengers from around the world. 

The company said that the increase was due also to the growing number of Czechs traveling abroad by air.

Many airlines have newly established flights to the Czech capital and others have increased the number of Prague-bound flights.

The greatest number of passengers used direct connections around Europe and a big year-on-year growth was recorded on flights between Prague and Africa and also on flights to the Near and the Far East. 

23 June 2017 was the busiest day of the first half of the year, with 64,008 passengers handled, which is even a little more than on the record day of 2016 (17 July 2016 with 52,616 serviced passengers). 

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