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The Czechian landscape has escapades for nature enthusiasts- providing jaw-dropping scenes of greenery, rock formations, gorges and water bodies. In that regard, you may want to lose yourself in the labyrinth of rock towers at Prachov Rocks.

Prachov Rocks is located within the Bohemian Paradise. Declared the first geopark in the country by UNESCO, the Bohemian Paradise region is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Czech Republic.

Prachov Rocks remain to be heaven on earth for sightseers and rock climbers alike. This rock town lies north-east of Prague, near the city of Jičín. A network of marked tourist routes will lead explorers through ravines, gullies, gorges, and along the tops of sandstone rock formations. Enchanting landscapes await at the lookout points and alcoves. The most frequented sites include Vyhlídka Českého ráje (Bohemian Paradise Lookout Point), Americká sluj (American Cavern), and Císařská chodba (Imperial Corridor). On hot summer days, tired tourists and their children can relax in the natural swimming area.

As for origins of the rock town, it is known that the highly stratified plateau was formed from deposits of sandstone, marlstone, and marlite during the Mesozoic era.

Small volcanic formations later penetrated the rock and contributed to the disruption of the integrity of the plateau, which began to erode due to the rain and wind. This caused individual stone blocks, towers, and columns.

Today, the Prachov Rocks rock formations reach heights of almost forty meters. One can easily spend a half day exploring the bottom to the top of these mystical rocks and basking in the view.

Author: Samia Ahmed


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