Pornhub Is Giving FREE Premium Access to People Living in Czech Town

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Horní police, a town of 700 in the district of Česka Lípa, is in Pornhub's list of towns offered premium access to its site because of... its suggestive place name! 

Pornhub is offering premium membership as a part of the adult film site's new Premium Places initiative. Anyone living in one of 50 cities identified as having sexually-suggestive names can now take advantage of free lifetime memberships to hundreds of thousands of ad-free, member-exclusive videos and the perks of 4K quality and VR capabilities.

Pornhub, Vice President, Corey Price said: “With the proliferation of online adult entertainment, many people have become very well-versed in its vernacular and sexual sayings.”

Pornhub said that if your town has a rude name but it isn’t on the list that you can share the hashtag #PremiumPlaces on Twitter or Instagram and the site will consider making it a Premium Place.

Pornhub has also released an interactive map showing the small towns designated as Official Pornhub Premium Places.

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