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It’s hard to imagine Pardubice without horses. Over 500 hundred years, horses have been kept in the Pardubice region; a horse has been part of the city’s flag since the 16th century, and par force hunting started here in the 19th century, eventually evolving into horse races that are famous all over the world.

The toughest and oldest horse races in Europe take place in Pardubice thanks to its horse tradition. The horse race is called the Grand Pardubice Steeplechase, and it will take place on October 14 for the 128th time on the Pardubice racetrack. Only the best racers can try to conquer the 7-kilometer long steeplechase with more than thirty obstacles. You definitely shouldn’t miss out on the atmosphere of the steeplechase. And you may place a bet on the winner!

You also shouldn’t forget to make a note in your calendar for the last weekend in August when a very popular exhibition about horses and people called Horses in Action will take place. This year it is held from August 25-26, and you can look forward to an eventful schedule and competitions again.

The breeding of the Old Kladruby breed of horses in the nearby National Stud at Kladruby nad Labem and Slatiňany is also worth mentioning. The old Kladruber horses are one of the oldest breeds in the world, and they were specifically bred for ceremonial purposes of courts; they were also declared a national cultural monument.

The old Kladruber horses are a source of pride of this region, and they are very popular in the season here. We could write and speak about horses in relation to the Pardubice region for a very long time, but it’s better that you come and experience unique moments here for yourself. 

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