Otevřené srdce: Help Vulnerable Families and Young Mothers in Prague

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Some of us aren’t fortunate enough to have loving families and friends to rely on in dark times. Otevřené srdce is a Czech charity that helps those who don’t have the support they need.

Otevřené srdce is a Czech non-governmental non-profit organization that looks after young mothers and their children who might otherwise have to go into social care.

The charity takes in, clothes and feeds the most vulnerable in our society and have been doing an excellent job in giving these young people not only the care they desperately need, but also education and the tools to find work and set their own lives on track.

We previously ran the Spartan Race and delivered almost 20,000kc in sponsorship money which was a big boost to the project, but as with all charities, Otevřené srdce relies on the kind donations of the public.


Most of us that live and work in Prague get Stravenky, or meal vouchers, from our companies which can be a pretty nifty benefit for some; I was relying on these vouchers to eat when I first moved here!

Companies are slowly starting to move Stravenky to the plastic card format, but not all restaurants accept them yet and the majority of companies still distribute paper Stravenky.

If we all donated a few Stravenky to Otevřené srdce, they could use them to feed vulnerable young children and their struggling mums. I asked the charity director, Michaela Nováková, and she said this would be an excellent idea that would help many of the young mothers and their children.

If you could find it in your heart to donate a few Stravenky for an outstanding cause, you can:

Post them to our office for collection and I will deliver them to the charity on March 31st. Feel free to add a message for the intended recipients:

The Prague Geezer, Hanusova 1537/3a, Praha 4, 140 00

We will take some photos and thank donors for their contributions.

Or, post directly to the charity on the address on the website:

Otevřené srdce, Za Papírnou 7, 170 00 Praha 7

For more information, or ways to donate, you can contact us at:

  • Russell.webb@Post.cz
  • azylovy.dum@seznam.cz

Thanks to The Prague Geezer for the article


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