One Third of Czech Adults Try Illegal Drugs

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About one-third of Czech adults have tried illegal drugs, mainly cannabis, while addiction to alcohol, which is legal, has a far greater social and health impact, National Institute of Mental Health (NUDZ) spokesman Jan Cervenka told CTK today.

Small numbers of people in units of percent also have experience with hallucinogens, ecstasy, pervitin (known as meth or crystal), heroin and cocaine.

The illegal production of methamphetamine is the most serious problem in the fight against drug abuse. According to a report by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction nine out of ten home labs for the illegal production of methamphetamine uncovered in the EU in 2018 were located on Czech territory. 

It is estimated that there are some 34,000 primary methamphetamine users and approximately 12,000 primary users of heroin or other opioids in the Czech Republic. 

18.8% of young adults (15-34) in the Czech Republic said that they had smoked marijuana within the last year. By gender, 25.6% of young males, and 11.7% of females said that they had smoked. This is a big difference from other drugs, for example, 0.3% reported using cocaine, 3.5% used MDMA, and 2.2% used amphetamines.

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