The best Czech nature photographers will be showing their works in the Czech Photo Centre until 14 May 2017. The exhibition introduces us to the beauty and power of nature on each world continent.

Among the authors of the Czech Nature Photo Exhibition are a number of award winning photographers – Petr Bambousek, Michal Kraus, Dan Materna, Ondřej Prosický, Rostislav Stach and Václav Šilha.

“Within the prestigious competition Czech Press Photo, which we organize, we associate the best Czech and Slovak nature photographers. We believe that nature is a necessity to take care of. Each of us has its responsibility for nature on this planet,” comments the project Veronika Souralová, director of the Czech Press Photo competition, and also the head of the Czech Photo Centre.

A visitor will be taken on every continent of our planet through a photograph. They will enjoy the charms of our European nature or the icy beauty of Antarctica and the Arctic, bursting life in Asia or South American rainforests and the hot African plains.

Author: Michal Krause
Author: Petr Bambousek
Author: Petr Bambousek
Author: Rostislav Stach
Author: Dan Materna
Author: Dan Materna
Author: Ondrej Prosicky
Author: Petr Bambousek

Author: Ondrej Prosicky
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