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Primeros, the oldest condom brand in the world, has been bringing safe sex to households since 1909. It was branded as “the utmost perfection of modern hygiene,” but that was back at the beginning of the twentieth century. 

The company decided to unwrap new ideas and rebrand the condoms to make them 21st-century modern. 

Originally created in 1909 by Gustav Schwarzwald, a Jewish entrepreneur living in Prague, Primeros became synonymous with safe sex. 

"Gustav Schwarzwald was the pioneer not only to have the mark patented but actually had the first e-shop,” Janou Kocian, a representative for Primeros and the owner’s wife, told CityDog. “He advertised in newspapers across Austria-Hungary and then dispatched discreet shipments. And he grew up on that mail order. "

Since they’ve been using pretty much the same logo and design from inception, Roman Kocian, the current owner of the company, searched for designers with strong visions. He found typographer Tomáš Brousil who created a fresh look that follows the traditional logo. Jakub Korouš and Matěj Chaber re-designed the packaging. Thus, nine new Primeros were launched that focus on diversity of human sexuality and anatomy. 

Each has one unique color, a simple drawing, the name in the bottom left corner describing the function of the particular condom (think size, shape, etc.). They’re sleek and self-explanatory, with a luxurious flair looking similar to embossing. 

The owners and designers wanted a package that could be seen and touched while remaining sexual in nature. The pads shine in the dark and can easily be opened by crushing with one hand.

The nine types are: 

  • Classic  
  • Black Hawk: Black Colored 
  • Innocent: For the Ultra-Sensitive 
  • Passion: Ultra-Thin with Passion Ribbed and Dotted 
  • Soft Glide: Extra Lubricated Tea Tree Tea Tree Aroma,  
  • Tea Tree: Extremely Thin with a Tea Tree Scent 
  • King Size: Extra Large - Extremely Large Condom 
  • Performax: Long Action that Contains Benzocaine (an anesthetized substance that will delay ejaculation)
  • Safeguard: Extra Strong Wall - Extra strong condom

Kocian said the original condoms were much stronger, washable and rougher. In fact, they were not used for people’s first times. Throughout the years, there have been advances in fragrances—even in the smell of latex, too. Condoms gradually grew in popularity, but there was a diversion from condoms under communist rule, she said.   

Now, Primeros is revolutionizing the condom world not only with these lavish designs but by adding interactivity to the boxes. The backs of all condom boxes are the same, which is why they are changing the game by advertising an innovation competition on the back. 

"How long will the condom spread out? Because it is latex and is extremely prone to low and high temperatures, it will not last so long,” Kocian said. “We do not have [the answer] yet, but we're guessing it will not be more than three months. "

She hopes more and more people will be ripping open Primeros as the company tries to smash both the stigma and the fear of using condoms. 

"People are still looking around when it comes to a condom,” she said. “The boys are afraid and say they do not want sex with a condom that is not good, but the most common search term on the internet is "how to deploy," so we think it's more they’re scared they're going to use it badly. Condoms should be a natural part of that intimate moment. And then there is nothing to lose. "

Author: Meredith Hessel


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