New York Times Lists Prague Among Top Travel Destinations For 2018

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The New York Times has published an interactive feature listing the top 52 places in the world to visit in 2018, and Prague is on the list! 

"On Oct. 28, 1918, a country in Central Europe was born. Prague, the capital city, will be celebrating the 100th anniversary with a legion of concerts, events and exhibitions, including a Czech Philharmonic concert on Oct. 3 highlighting the music of Czech composers and, from March through October, an exhibition at Prague Castle called “Founded 1918,” featuring symbols and art from the first Czechoslovak Republic. This year also happens to be the 50th anniversary of the Prague Spring, which will be commemorated with another National Gallery exhibit in October.

The article’s top five places to visit in 2018 are New Orleans; Colombia; Basilicata, Italy; the Caribbean; and Vierwaldstattersee, Switzerland.

And here you can read an article about how they put together the 52 places list.

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