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New iPhone Models to Cost CZK 22,000-40,000

The prices of the latest iPhone models in the Czech Republic range from CZK 22,000 to CZK 40,000, according to Czech portal 

The iPhone Xs 64 GB will be priced at CZK 29,990, the 256 GB at CZK 34,490 and the top version with 512 GB at 40,490.The bigger model iPhone Xs Max will cost CZK 32,990 (64 GB version), CZK 37,490 (256 GB version) and CZK 43,490 (512 GB version).

Prices for the iPhone Xr will be as follows: the 64 GB version for CZK 22,490, the 128 GB version for CZK 23,990 and the 256 GB version for CZK 26,990. 

The Phone Xs and iPhone Xs Max will be available in the Czech Republic starting September 28.

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