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15th May Prague celebrates NAVALIS, baroque river festivities under the Charles Bridge to celebrate the anniversary of the canonization of Czech patron St John of Nepomuk, the patron of all people from water.

During the Baroque period, this feast was one of the biggest and most opulent celebrations. Pilgrims from all over the country came to Prague to honor the memory of St John of Nepomuk, but also to listen to the music that was produced on the water level of the river Vltava, to see the firework and other kinds of attractions.

Linked to the original baroque tradition, contemporary celebrations include a ceremonial holy mass in St. Vitus Cathedral, a procession, a baroque water concert with fireworks on the Vltava river, close to the Charles bridge. 

The main program takes place starting at 8:30 pm, with a boat regatta, five parachutists who land in the water and a concert on a barge. The evening ends at 10 pm with a large fireworks display launched from a barge on the Vltava. It is one of a few days when fireworks is legally allowed downtown.

Every year there are numerous special events, such as a folklore festival, markets, lectures, and exhibitions. Venetian gondoliers regularly take part in the event and amaze visitors with their captivating songs. 

Who is St. John of Nepomuk?

If you are just walking along the Charles Bridge you can find the sculpture of this national saint of the Czech Republic on the Nothern side of the bridge. And how to recognize which one is presenting the saint? There is a really simple answer. You just have to look for a five-star glory around his head and a crucifix or a palm list holding in his hand.

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