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The Prague National Museum, whose renovation work began in 2015, will be partially reopened on 28 October on the occasion of the centenary of Czechoslovakia's foundation. 

All the premises of the Museum will be open to the public in 2019. The information was released on Monday after a meeting between the resigned Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and the outgoing Minister of Culture, Ilja Šmíd.

Over 600 million CZK has been spent until now. This amount includes atrium and roofing work, as well as the main construction connecting the main building of the National Museum and the former building of the Federal Assembly.

The building had been damaged most of all by two military attacks – in 1945 and in 1968. At the end of World War II, during the Prague uprising (May 1945), the building was hit by an aerial bomb. And in 1968, when the occupation (one of the darkest eras in Bohemian history) started, the Soviet military armed vehicles drove onto Wenceslas Square. 

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