Most Czech Bookmakers Believe in Drahos’s Victory

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The chances of former Science Academy head Jiří Drahoš to be elected Czech president have been rising in the past few days, according to bookmakers who wave lowered the odds for his victory since Monday from 1.6-1 – 1.68-1 to 1.5-1 – 1.52-1.

Up to 80%, betters believe in Drahos’s victory against President Miloš Zeman in the second round of the presidential election to be held on January 26-27.

“The betters’ interest is enormous, though there is more than one week before the second round. Since Saturday, we have accepted bets for roughly ten million crowns, while 80 percent on Drahos’s victory. The biggest bet was 526,000 crowns at odds of 1.66-1,” Fortuna spokesman Petr Srain said.

Drahoš is a favorite in Prague as well as the Central Bohemia and Hradec Kralove regions, according to the odds. 

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