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Each day, there is on average 100 transport inspectors operating across Prague. Now, on "Inspector Action" days, this will increase to 150, as police work alongside inspectors to increase numbers.

Signs posted on Prague's trams, buses and metro are warning passengers of an increase in the number of ticket inspectors, or revizors. The signs have a black triangle that says ”Pozor! Zvýšený výskyt revizorů!” which means “Warning, Higher number of revizors!”

"Inspector Action" days will take place on 6th, 13th and 21 of February and will continue to take place each month. Deputy Mayor and Transport Counselor Petr Dolínek confirmed, "On the website, we will always alert you in advance to any major events, in which there will be significantly more inspectors on duty than usual." 

Since October 23rd, passengers caught without a ticket have been given the chance to pay a reduced fine of 400 crowns, if they purchase a year-long pass for 3650 CZK. However, this offer will end at the end of March 2018.  

Currently, there are some 160 revisors in Prague. Ticket inspectors have to identify themselves by showing a badge. Passengers are then required to show the inspector a valid ticket.

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