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Does the name Momoichi sounds exotic to you? It does to me as well and if it sounds like something Japanese to you then you are very right, because this spot is as Japanese as only it can be.

I like spots that are truly unique. It can be the location, it can be the interior or exterior or it can be unique offer, but the best is when it’s everything together, and in Momoichi all these meet.

Momoichi is a cafe/restaurant which is pretty discreet from the outside. The dominant feature in the interior are the paper-latern shaped lights above the simple wooden tables.

The place offers a huge amount of Japanese specialties. Starting from Japanese coffee blends prepared by a special steampunk machine, which should ensure that you won’t lose the taste of the coffee during the preparation as can happen with other machines. Ending with Japanese pastries and dishes for lunch or dinner.

Even though the prices are not the lowest, the price/value/experience ratio is amongst the highest you can find in Prague.

Author: Josef Ševčík. You can find the original article here

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