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Can you ever imagine a bus that does push-ups? A public transport vehicle that is also an athlete? On the occasion of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, artist David Černý created a fascinating eye-catching public installation. Černý turned a cherry red 1957 London double-decker bus into a mean machine - a bus that appears to be an athlete doing push-ups.

The London Booster, as it is called is not only a technological marvel but a spectacular work of art. 

This project took Černý 6 months of design, planning, & construction to create. In his words, "The obsession with sport, the frenzy it generates, sometimes even ending in street war and regularly in a dependence on the activity, always amazed me...When I was approached by the architects of the Czech House to work on a piece, I took the challenge and, I hope, besides its monumentality and humor, the London Booster shows a certain ambivalence and irony"

In addition to raising itself to vary degrees and angles, the bus windows are television screens that display changing audio and visual presentations. 

The artist equipped the hydraulic sculpture with realistic groans of a strained workout. The six-ton bus is attached to two hydraulic arms—incredibly muscled hydraulic arms—and was located outside of the Czech Olympic House in Islington during the 2012 games.

The London Booster, can now be found outside the Agrofert Headquarters in Prague.

Author: Samia Ahmed 


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