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This event is the biggest wine festival in the capital focusing on authentic wines from the Central Europe region. The fifth season of this event will take place in beautiful premises of the New Town Hall at Charles Square in Prague on Friday, May 18th (1:00PM – 8:00PM) and on Saturday, May 19th (11:00AM– 6:00PM).

There will be more than sixty winemakers coming to the Prague Drinks Wine festival, mainly from family-owned wineries from the Habsburg Monarchy region and many other guests from other regions as well. You can look forward to winemakers from Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, and France.

The title of the festival PRAGUE DRINKS WINE is not coincidental: in the past, the city used to be literally surrounded with vineyards while only a few were preserved in our times. Still, the Czech capital is a city of wine, as proved by the Troja vineyard.

About 95% of all Czech vineyards are located in the Czech historical region of Moravia. In South Moravia, the best natural and climatic conditions are provided for grapes: calcareous soil and mild warm climate. That’s why, the wine produced in the Czech Republic, traditionally is named not Czech but Moravian wine.

Moravian wine is produced in small territories and in small quantities, so it is not easy to find it on store shelves. At the Wine Festival in Prague, guests can have degustation of all the diversity of Moravian wines, well-known in Europe yet since the Middle Ages.

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