March 17: The Pork Harvest Food Festival

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One of the many ways of discovering the Czech Republic is by tasting what its cuisine has to offer. Pork meat has traditionally played a pivotal role in the local gastronomy. 

The second open air festival of pork dishes will take place at the Staropramen brewery on 17th of March 2018. 

Visitors will discover what a traditional Czech pig killing ceremony looks like as well as taste a variety of dishes made from pork meat – sausages, ham, roasted pork knee, bacon, freshly fried greaves, and so on. 

You can look forward to typical pork specialties like “jitrnice” and “jelito”, sausage meat called “prejt”, very famous soup “prdelačka” or boiled pork “ovar”.

Cooks will serve specialties like segedin goulash, stuffed pelmeni, and pork legs. Besides visitors will be able to taste Hungarian mangalica, Italian prosciutto, Spanish salchichon or Iberico ham. 

Delicious and hearty meals may be washed down by Czech beer, although cider and mulled wine will also be served. Pork specialties may be complemented with Czech yeast-raised cakes, pies, or frgály (fur-guh-leh) – traditional sweet cakes from Moravian Wallachia.

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